MINIBLOQ – Making Arduino easier to program

Written By: Bill Griggs - Jun• 02•11

Julián da Silva is a Maker and an educator who wants to make it easy for everyone to program Arduino microcontrollers.   The Arduino is the new hot ticket electronics development platform and all sort s of people are making things with them. The Arduino requires programming knowledge which most folks don’t have. Minibloq could change all that.

Minibloq is an open source Graphical user interface and programming environment designed to work with the Arduino family of microprocessors. It will also work with Duinobot and Maple devices. To use Minbloq, the user drags icons from a menu onto the picture of an Arduino. When the user does this they are prompted to enter values into the window. Based on the values entered , Miniblog generates source code that the Ardino can use. If Minibloqs lives up to it’s promise, programming an Arduino will be trivial and could spark a growth spurt in programming and invention.

I talked to Julián da Silva about Minibloq and will blog about it soon.  Julián, has four days left on his campaign to bring the Minibloq to the world. Check out his project on kickstarter. So far the campaign has been a great success. More info soon.
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Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard someone mention the word Arduino. Arduino are an open source electronics prototyping platform intended for students, artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects.

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  2. Bernd Pruter says:

    Hi Bill,
    I have wondered for a long time why this is so new to MCU programming, when it has been around for many years for commercially available PLC’s.
    Anyway, for almost a month now I have been trying to find a site where to download this Minibloq, but no joy! Why is that. Is it not released yet ?


  3. Bill Griggs says:


    Minibloq is a new program that will hopefully make programming MCU easier. I suspect their aren’t more programs like this because it is a massive undertaking to program and debug a GUI. Miniblog is under development and a Beta is expected shortly, according to the programmer. The Alpha code I showed was created using preliminary software that was only available to the Kickstarter kickstarter backers.

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  5. Bernd Pruter says:

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the reponse. Yes, I know there’s a lot behind such GUI, to everything together. I don’t even want to understand that part, and cheers to all who can and are willing to spend those hours developing/debugging. I spen enough time using GUI’s for plc programming. (I’m not used to ladder, etc)
    Any ideas / deadlines when the a Beta version would be available ?

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  15. Bill Griggs says:

    You have an interesting blog.

  16. Arduino says:


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  18. Lavanya says:

    i want to measure the area of circle using minibloq v0.81.beta software using arduino uno. Give me some ideas about how to display the area in my bot and how to do the program

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