Minibloq v0.8 Alpha’s New Features Kickstart your Arduino Without Programming.

Written By: Bill Griggs - Sep• 11•11

Minibloq v0.8 Alpha  is an new open source Graphical Development Interface that will kickstart your Arduino Programming without making you write code. As I reported in June of this year Julian da Silva released the Alpha version of the open source Minibloq program to his backers on Kickstarter. I got my copy and within minutes I had programmed my Arduino Uno to perform a variety of tasks. I created a short video to show how impressed I was with the ease of use. I got such great response to that video that I have released a two more.

In the new videos I guide you through some of the neat new features of Minibloq v0.8 Alpha, the second major release and show you how to make sounds. Minibloq was a featured project on Kickstarter, a crowd funding website. Backers of the project were given early access to Minibloq as it is being developed. So far, Minibloq has only been made available to the project backer, however, Julian da Silva recently posted that the Beta version will be available soon.  I plan to continue release additional video tutorials as the project matures and my understanding of it grows. Future updates will be posted as they come out. If you would like to be notified when the Beta version is available please subscribe to my free newsletter. If you have an idea for a tutorial you would like to see please let me know.


Minibloq Test drive video

Minibloq V0.8 Features video part one 

Minibloq V0.8 Features video part two

Minibloq Kickstarter page

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