Minibloq Beta Adds Support For Arduino Mega Boards – Program Arduino Without Writing Code

Written By: Bill Griggs - Sep• 20•11

Last week we announced that Minibloq the open source Graphical Programming Environment for Programming Arduino Microcontrollers had added Three new boards to it’s list of supported hardware. This week Julián da Silva announced that Arduino Mega boards were now being added to the Minibloq lineup. Minibloq will add three new Mega class microprocessors to the Beta version of the software: Arduino™ Mega 2560 Arduino™ Mega (ATmega1280) Seeeduino MegaClick The links above to see more about what these boards will do.

Arduino Mega Boards

Minibloq Beta to support Arduino Mega

The Mega versions of the Arduino are the current state of the art for Arduino Microcontrollers. Arduino Mega boards typically have more input and output pins as well as beefier processors than previous versions. Support for Arduino Mega boards is a necessary and important feature for any Arduino programming  environment.  While some code generated with previous versions of Minibloq would work on a Mega board, not all features or pins were available.

Minibloq can program an Arduino to control a DC motor, wifi, bluetooth and many other devices. By using simple graphic blocks to create the source code of the program and then directly load and run the program on your Arduino, Minibloq takes some of the heat off beginning programmers. Servo support has not been tackled yet but it will be included soon. The list of features and supported operating systems which Minibloq can use are impressive. Recent announcements include a Mac Wineskin version, A Linux version and an iPad version. In addition Minibloq also currently supports the Maple 32 bit boards. Further features are planned as the release of the Beta version gets closer. Demo Video of Minibloq v0.8 Alpha:

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