New Minibloq Beta For Arduino Released – v0.81 – Program Arduino Using Pictures

Written By: Bill Griggs - May• 02•12

A New Minibloq Beta for Arduino was just released. Minibloq V0.81 Beta is a graphical programming environment for Arduino which lets you program an Arduino Using pictures. As I recently blogged Minibloq Graphical Programming Environment for Arduino has been rapidly gaining support.

The new Minibloq v0.81 Beta is the first version of Minibloq to feature full Internationalization. Now Minibloq can be set to any language by the user. Internationalization will make it possible for users and Makers all over the world to program the Arduino regardless of their native language.

For a complete list of the additions and change to Minibloq V0.81 Beta, you can check out the changelog page.

I will post my results as I test the new features of Minibloq v0.81 Beta for myself.

You can download the latest copy of the new Minibloq Beta here.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I registered as requested but never received a link for the down load.

  2. Mat says:

    Hi! Thank you for minibloq! I must ask; is minibloq still being actively developed or did it stop at 0.81?
    thank you / gracias !

  3. Bill Griggs says:

    Mat, Minibloq is being developed but the current version is v0.81.

  4. Bill Griggs says:

    The link was in the email newsletter you received. I sent you a direct email with the information.


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