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Click below for the latest Minibloq for Arduino downloads. The Beta version has been released and is available right now. Minibloq for Arduino will let you program an Arduino microcontroller without writing code. Minibloq for Arduino is one of the simplist ways I know to program an Arduino.

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To read more about Minibloq for Arduino check out this blog post.


  1. Kirk Hausman says:

    I am very interested in a graphical system for Arduino programming for my students.

  2. sanjay singh says:

    Very cool app

  3. sanjay singh says:

    did not recieve email

  4. Bill Griggs says:


    Did you receive the progarm?

  5. prakash bisht says:

    where is the download link

  6. Luis Gomez` says:

    Dear Bill,
    I completed my registration form as per the instructions above but I’m unable to donwload the program software. Would you please advice? It seems to be an awesome program, I can’t wait to use it in my automated greenhouse project. Many blessings and thak you very much for all your help. Sincerely, Mr. Gomez

  7. Bill Griggs says:

    Sorry Luis,

    I just updated the link and sent it your way.

  8. Bill Griggs says:

    I just updated the list and am sending it your way Prakash.

  9. andy says:

    I did not receive a download link. this is very disconcerting

  10. Bill Griggs says:

    Sorry Andy, I sent you a direct link via email.


  11. Bill Griggs says:

    Andy, I just sent you a direct email with the link. Sorry for the trouble. I will check my mail software and make sure the link is working.

  12. Joey Pietrzak says:

    i’m sorry, how do I get the beta?

  13. steven says:

    i looked over the posted comments and i dont want to sound like parrot but i too am not able to click on the download link. I did however receive all the emails and fallowed subscription instructions.

  14. Bill Griggs says:

    Sorry Steve, Please check your email spam folder. There is a confirmation email which is automatically sent out with the link included.

  15. Bill Griggs says:

    Go to the download page.

  16. kaandan says:

    Dear Bill,

    I could not find the link to download the software. Please assist.


  17. Dylan says:

    Dear Bill,
    I did not receive the download link to Minibloq and I have subscribed to your list.

  18. Nikolay says:

    I did not receive a download link, too. Please send me the ink.

  19. Bill Griggs says:

    I have updated the link. I will also send out the link to the mailing list.

  20. Bill Griggs says:

    Dylan, I updated the link for the software. I will send it out to the list today.

  21. roberto gonzalez says:

    hey it is working for mac?

  22. Ed Niemeyer says:

    Finally retired last month. Have a Harbor Freight 47158 mini mill. Will be using your mod for belt drive. Remember running across a longer table kit, but can’t seem to relocate the info. Mill will be useless without the length for what I want to do. Any suggestions?

  23. Bill Griggs says:


    Glad you liked the Mill upgrade. Congratulations on your retirement!.

    The longer mill table is available from or from


  24. fas says:

    where is the download link?

  25. I have suscribe but I don’t see any link to download the Minibloq software

  26. Winston says:

    Hi Bill,

    no link!

  27. Bill Griggs says:

    Winston, I just resent a newsletter with the Link. Click the Minibloq picture or the words to go to the link.


  28. Bill Griggs says:

    You will get an email with the link. I just resent it. Click the Minibloq picture or the words to go to the link.


  29. Bill Griggs says:

    I sent you an email with the link to Minibloq.

  30. Asle Borgen says:

    Please send the link :-)

    Thank you for writing a program like this, and thus making all us non-programmers able to play with the arduino

    Best regards

  31. Bill Griggs says:


    Did you receive the email with the link to download the software? You have to click on the picture to download.


  32. sandro canavezzi says:

    could please send me the download link? I subscribed but I didn’t receive any link.



  33. Bill Griggs says:


    Click the Picture on the email your received. I will be changing the form to make it more obvious. Let me know if you didn’t receive the email.

  34. tim says:

    sorry, but i also sub’d and have yet to see a link email. help please. thanks! :)

  35. tim says:

    doh! got it disregard. lol

  36. Ash says:

    Dear Bill,
    I did’nt got a download link!!
    Please give d link 4 download.

  37. Brian says:

    I was sent a download link and could not see it in the email. It turns out that I had a message at the top of the email saying ” Email contains blocked images……press here to show images” Hope this helps anyone in the future. Thanks for this program , it looks interesting and I look forward to learning with it.

  38. Bill Griggs says:

    ASH, What is your email?

  39. Bill Griggs says:

    Thanks Brian, I can’t see the page you received so I wondered why people could not find the link. Perhaps i will change it to include a text link as well. Enjoy Minibloq.

  40. Rutger says:

    Suscribed twice now but no email received so far

  41. Justin says:

    I did not receive the email, please assist
    thank you

  42. Phillip says:

    I registered but there’s not link to the software????

  43. Bill Griggs says:

    Phillip, I sent you a link with the information. Just press the download button on the page.

  44. Bill Griggs says:

    Justin, I sent you a link to the file. Press the download button.

  45. Bill Griggs says:

    Email sent again.

  46. matthew says:

    I cant find the link to download? can someone send it to me? it just sends me back to the website.

  47. Bill Griggs says:

    Which file are you looking for?

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