New Minibloq Beta For Arduino Released – v0.81 – Program Arduino Using Pictures

A New Minibloq Beta for Arduino was just released. Minibloq V0.81 Beta is a graphical programming environment for Arduino which lets you program an Arduino Using pictures. As I recently blogged Minibloq Graphical Programming Environment for has been rapidly gaining support.

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Sieg Minimill X2 Belt drive upgrade kit – An easy-to-install alternative to the noisy, fragile gears on the mini mill.

One of my¬† many hobbies is metal working using a Sieg X2 Minimill. The Minimill is a great little milling machine but it has one major drawback, plastic drive gears that break at the most inopportune moment. When the plastic gears strip the Minimill is only useful for an anchor till it’s fixed. It usually […]

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