Duinobot V1.2 Childproof Arduino Brain

Written By: Bill Griggs - Feb• 27•13

Duinobot V1.2 Childproof Arduino Brain

Duinobot V1.2

Duinobot V1.2

The Duinobot V1.2 is a childproof Arduino Brain made by The Duinobot is 100% Arduino compatible, 100% open source, 100% Fab Lab compatible and is designed specifically to help kids learn to build Robots. The Duinobot differs from most arduino boards because it has been ruggedized. The Duinobot V1.2 is designed to take the inevitable tumbles that most robot must endure.

What I like the most about the Duinobot is the case. Since this controller is designed to be used with children it’s wrapped inside a plexiglass case to protect it from spills, drops and rough handling. (more…)

Thank You.

Written By: Bill Griggs - Dec• 31•12

As 2012 comes to a close I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog. It is truly gratifying to know that some one, some where took the time to read my ramblings.

I blog about Makers and Making because it is something I love. I hope I have been able to bring some laughter, wonder or helpful information to you that you might not have seen elsewhere. I promise to keep writing as long as you keep reading.

If I have personally interacted with you in some way, shared a comment, or responded to your post, I thank you because I am sure I learned something from the experience.




Writing Tools and Tips

Written By: Bill Griggs - Dec• 19•12

Writing Tools And Tips


For the last few months I haven’t written as many blog posts as I would like because I’ve been busy writing a book instead. I’ve never written a book before so there was a whole lot of things I needed to learn. Because writing a book is a new experience for me, I figured I would share with you  some of the writing tools and tips I learned while they are still fresh in my mind. If you ever considered writing a book yourself, then perhaps these tools will be helpful. It is much easier to learn from someone else’s example then it is to discover these things for yourself the hard way.

Writing a book is sort of like writing a massive series of blog posts. With a blog post I can write about a variety of subjects if I want to, but with a book I have to stick to the just one thing. (more…)

Inexpensive 3D Printers in your home

Written By: Bill Griggs - Nov• 22•12



Until recently 3D printing has been terribly expensive and only available to commercial design and manufacturing firms. A typical commercial 3D printer started at around $20,000. However, thanks to the Open Source community and the power of the World Wide Web, you can have Inexpensive 3D printers in your home for around $1000.


Rapid changes in Extruder design is driving better print quality.


It is difficult to keep up with the ever-changing advances in this new technology. Advances (more…)


Written By: Bill Griggs - Oct• 31•12

V Carved the Cow head

Finished V Carved Cow Head


Part 10

This is the home stretch for this project. I have done my research and artwork and now it just comes down to making the final cut. In the last segment I did the shadowing for the V-Carve and setup all the tool paths to take into account the actual thickness of the (more…)