Morrisville College CNC Router Build

Written By: Bill Griggs

Morrisville College Student Build a CNC Router


Students at Morrisville College built a working CNC Router Table as their Capstone project for 2012. The students designed built and operated the Computer Controlled Machine is a single semester. The fruits of their labor is a robust machine which really performs well. In fact the project was so impressive that it won an award from Haas Automation as the Best CNC Learning Project for 2012.

These Photos help tell part of the story.

Students Build a CNC Router Table

Details on how Students at Morrisville State College made a CNC Router table.

First Time Cutting

First time cutting with a student made CNC Router table. Cutting speed 300 Inches per minute.

Student Win Award

Student project awarded Best CNC Learning Project by Haas Automation



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