Minibloq Out Of Beta

Written By: Bill Griggs - Dec• 19•15


Minibloq v0.83 Adds many new  Features

Minibloq v0.83

Minibloq is a graphical programming environment for Arduino™, Multiplo, physical computing devices and robots. One of it’s main goals is to introduce physical computing and robotic platforms to primary schools, kids and beginners. I have been using Minibloq for a few years now and it has really gained in features and usefulness.

Minibloq Icons

Main changes:




Sitewide 150 for 15 300x250Some of you may decide that you want to learn more about what goes into programming an Arduino. One of the easiest places to learn Arduino programming is by taking a course. There are many Arduino programming course available on Udemy. Udemy is an online learning website. With thousands of courses  available

3 Hottest Arduino Courses On UDEMY

I recently completed a page which discusses the 3 hottest Arduino Courses on Udemy. Here is a link

Arduino Courses

If you would like to take an Arduino Courses

Click the picture.



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  1. Sabbi says:

    Hey! I saw your board at MakerFaire. It looks great, and I’m loving the b5A/pA power cnuiomptson aspect.I’m trying to think of a project to use it in; once I do, I’ll grab a couple from you.Enjoy the rest of MakerFaire!

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