Makerslide Test pieces shown for the first time

Written By: Bill Griggs - Aug• 12•11


Makerslide test pieces

First view of the test batch of Makerslide Extrusions.

Kickstarter backers of the Makerslide project got their first glimpse of the sample batch of Makerslide extrusion. Makerslide extrusions are a low cost alternative for creating bearing surfaces for CNC machine building. Project founder Barton Dring posted pictures of two 4′ long sections of the material on his kickstarter project page. These are samples from the second test of the die created for this project. The first test pieces from the die needed a slight modification but the current batch is perfect. “I have tested some carriages on them and they run smoothly and evenly. I have a few more details to check out, but it looks very promising.” stated Dring.

The pieces shown do not yet have any finish treatment applied yet however but they still look very good. The next step is to schedule a production run. This usually take a few weeks plus a little more time for the finishing operations. The production Makerslides will be clear anodized finish. Dring plans to also experiment with a hard coated section for use with steel wheels.

Makerslides will make it affordable to build projects such as CNC Router Tables, Laser cutters and more. The initial release of Makerslide extrusions will be to backers of the Kickster project. Distribution networks are already being formed to provide Makerslides to the general public.


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Makerslide project

Digital image of proposed use for Makerslide Extrusion with Delrin wheel bearings.This CNC Router table is one of many design proposals for using Makerslide extrusion.


This CNC router is one of many proposed designs using Makerslide extrusion.

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