Makerslide Starting to Ship – Open Source Linear Bearing System

Written By: Bill Griggs - Oct• 05•11

Makerslide Open Source linear bearing system have begun shipping. Barton Dring the creator of Makerslide recently posted information on his Kickstarter project announcing that he had begun some initial shipping of Makerslide to his backers. Makerslide is a new open source linear bearing system which is low cost and should allow folks to make CNC projects easily. Originally started as a project on Kickstarter the project became wildly successful. See previous articles on Makerslide here on

Early adopters of the material applied for Makership: a scholarship which allows people with unique ideas for open source projects to receive enough Makerslide to complete the project. Certain criteria have to be met to qualify but the applications can be pretty broad. Projects are already being proposed for the Makership program. Some of those projects include an open source book scanner, a DIY laser cutter, a camera rail mount system and numerous CNC routers and 3D printers. Makerslide easily lends itself to applications where light duty linear rails can be used.

Bart provided a video which shows his production area where he is hard at work preparing the first batch of Makerslide for shipment. Dring made a special fixture which will allow him to easily cut the 15′ rails of Makerslide down to the size specified by the backers. The fixture uses a graduated tape and a  bearing plate with a locking thumb wheel to allow him to accurately position the stop at the correct distance for cutting.

Barton Dring is uncertain how long it will take to fill all the orders placed for the new material however he is hard at work packaging and organizing the stock for shipping. I personally can’t wait to get my supply of the material to begin work on a project of my own.  What would you build with Makerslide?  Please feel free to share your ideas with us at Makermasters.  The ideas will be passed along to Makerslide  and you never know you might be eligible for a Makership. Makerslide will also be made available to the general public after all the pre-ordered systems are shipped.

Click here for information about the Makership program.

What would you make with Makerslide? Please post your ideas and comments.


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