Written By: Bill Griggs - Jun• 08•11

Makerslide project

Makerslide to become a reality. Project funding exceeds expectations.


The Makerslide project was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The funding should help ensure a new, supply of affordable linear slides. The project  was funded in just under 48 hours and then continued to gather support. The funding raised was 445%  of the expected goal.  Designer Barton Dring stated he will use the $26,268 to complete the orders by late July 2011.

Dring has already gotten a head start on the project he has ordered new machines and dies to make the production process simpler.  Barton Dring has already received over 3000 bearings for the wheels to test the quality. Dring  stated he was satisfied with the quality of the bearings so he  plans to double the original order since the support for the project exceeded his wildest dreams.


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