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  1. bgriggs says:

    Take Action!

  2. Steve Ellis says:

    I am the Alpha Maker!

  3. bgriggs says:

    Prove it.

  4. Steve Ellis says:

    This blog rocks!

  5. Bill Griggs says:

    Thanks Steve. I appreciate that.

  6. bob says:

    broken link in robotgrrl article

  7. Technology Submission – Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech / Featured Development

    Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic
    Technology Proposal Submission
    Innovative [TURBO-ROTARY]
    Novel (Fueled) Motor Engine Type

    -The Gearturbine comes from the contemporary ecological essential global needs of an efficient power plant fueled motor engine. -Power thrust by bar (tube); air, sea, land and power generation, work use application.

    *Have the similar simple basic system of the “Aelopilie” HeronĀ“s Steam Turbine device from Alexandria, [10-70 AD] one thousand nine hundred years ago. Because; the circular dynamic motion, with 2/Two Opposites power [polar position] lever, and is feeds from his axis center.

    Patent; Dic. 1991 IMPI Mexico #197187 – Carlos Barrera. – Individual Designer – Inventor and project owner. / All Rights Reserved. – Monterrey NL Mexico.

  8. tsegbeyeri omokaro says:

    i need a cnc router machine. what to know how you can help?

  9. Bill Griggs says:


    I have more cnc router information available on the sister site

  10. Bill.. great site with lots of helpful insights for those of us looking to get started in CNC and milling.

    I noticed a typo on one of your links.. the link to littlemachineshop is broken because you fat fingered the target url. :)

  11. Bill Griggs says:

    Thanks for the heads up Clint. I fixed it.

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