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Quadcopters Are Fun

Quadcopters Are Fun Quadcopters are fun! I have been flying R/C models for a very long time and sometimes I get bored with it. Finding new things to keep my attention is rare. Quadcopters hold my attention.

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Flying Robots Building The Future

Flying Robots building the future? It may sound impossible but tiny robot multi-copters are already being used to make buildings. A Swiss team of scientist from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology demonstrated the future of construction in France in late 2011.  A team of several robot multi-copters flew foam bricks

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E-Volo Multicopter paves the way in manned DIY electric flight. –

Thomas Senkel became the first man to fly with an electric powered Multicopter named e-volo, paving the way in manned DIY electric flight. Senkel’s first manned flight took place in Germany in Late October 2011, after several successful unmanned test flights of the vehicle. The e-volo multicopter is a contraption made of aluminum tubing, an […]

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