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Quadcopter Fun


Viking Quad

Quadcopter Fun


Quadcopters are fun! I have been flying quadcopters since 1998 when I got my first Roswell flyer. The Roswell flyer had 3 mechanical gyroscopes and no accelerometers. it was still pretty easy to fly even with old NiCad batteries.

Now Quadcopters are even better. They have shrunk in size and weight over the years and now have very sophisticated navigation systems on them. In fact the smallest quad I have ever seen was slightly smaller than a quarter.

Quadcopters can be used in aerial photography, reconnaissance, crop dusting, sports coverage and scientific tests. Quadcopters can also be used for fun and games. Used safely and in the proper places Quads are a joy to fly and can be thrilling to watch.

I recently picked up a mini quadcopter to fly in my living room. It is the Hero RC H1 X1 Viking Quadcopter (Syma Space Ship). It came with two batteries a charger and spare rotor blades. I took a couple of videos of me having fun with the Viking flying in my shop and in my kitchen. This was the first day flying the Viking and it was a blast.

The 350mah Lipo batteries last about 8-9 minutes under normal conditions. There is also a larger 600mah battery pack available which will double your flight times.

The radio Transmitter on the Viking is a 2.4GHz radio with spread spectrum technology. It includes dual rates (not adjustable) and a special FLIP button which will make the Quad loop through the air automatically, in any direction. With practice, you can Flip indoors.





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