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Minibloq Graphical Programming Environment for Arduino – Rapidly Gaining Support

It been a while since I wrote about Minibloq Graphical programming Environment for Arduino but a lot has changed since my last post. Minibloq has been rapidly gaining support from many channels. New hardware and software alliances have cropped up to make the program more robust.   Sparkfun, a major supplier of electronic projects for […]

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Using CNC to Make Stage Props

I have been using CNC to make stage Props  for my children’s school plays. I often design props using Alibre Design. I Then take the designs  and export them to Vectric Aspire. After I created the tool paths I loaded the G-Code into Mach3. I often use 1/8″ Luan plywood or MDF and cut the […]

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DIY CNC Project – Dust Deputy Cyclone Separator Cart

My latest DIY CNC project is a Dust Deputy Cyclone Separator Cart for my Shop Vacuum. With the help of a friend we took a project from a magazine and converted the plans to be cut on a CNC router Table. Converting plans from a woodworking magazine into a CNC project is not difficult to […]

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