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Flying By The Seat Of Their Pants – Jetpacks, Paramotors, Birdman Suits And Other Strap On Flying Devices.

Man has been trying to strap on wings and fly since before Icarus went down in a blaze of glory. We have all seen old news reels of men and women crashing to the ground on ill conceived wings or running around wildly trying to dowse fires after attempting to fly by the seat of […]

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He Wanted his own Batmobile so he built it- Actual Turbine Powered Batmobile.

An Ohio man decided he wanted his own Batmobiles so he built it. “No one has ever made a fully functional, actual turbine powered Batmobile before and I thought it would be fun” said Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing. Putsch took a surplus helicopter turbine engine and rebuilt it as the power source for his […]

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My New Computer Desk – One More Thing You Can Make With A CNC Router

My New Computer Desk   I wanted to have a new computer desk for my lair but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I decided to make my new computer desk because it is one more thing you can make with a cnc router. I wanted a desk that was more functional […]

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E-Volo Multicopter paves the way in manned DIY electric flight. –

Thomas Senkel became the first man to fly with an electric powered Multicopter named e-volo, paving the way in manned DIY electric flight. Senkel’s first manned flight took place in Germany in Late October 2011, after several successful unmanned test flights of the vehicle. The e-volo multicopter is a contraption made of aluminum tubing, an […]

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