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Minibloq Beta Released – Open Source Graphical Programing Environment for Arduino

  MINIBLOQ BETA The anxiously awaited Minibloq Beta is released! Minibloq v0.8 Beta is an Open Source Graphical Programing Environment designed to work with the Arduino family of microprocessors as well as several other microcontrollers. Minibloq allows you to program a microcontroller without having to write code. In addition to Arduino, Minibloq will also work with […]

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Makerslide – A First Look At An Open Source Linear Bearing System.

I have been waiting several months to get a  first look at Makerslide, the new open source linear bearing system that could change the way machines are built. The Makerslide project is an open source effort to make it easier and less expensive for people to make DIY CNC machines and tools. Launched as a […]

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Launch your own Satellite into orbit for $300 – KickSat.

A Cornell Grad Student wants to  help you launch your own Satellite into Orbit for  $300 with KickSat. Zachary  Manchester is a Ph.D. student in Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University and president of Cornell SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space). He has worked on the development of small spacecraft called Sprites for […]

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ShapeOko DIY CNC Router Table makes it’s first cut!

Edward Ford, designer of ShapeOko DIY CNC Router  Table posted pictures as it makes it’s first Cut.  Ford has been experimenting with Makerslide Open Source Linear Bearing systems prototypes to see if they could be adapted to the ShapeOko. Early test look extremely positive. It has been gratifying to see two Open Source projects Mashup […]

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Adding a new page – Bill’s Projects

I am adding a new page to the blog called Bill’s Projects. I am a maker and like to make a lot of different stuff and share my experiences with others. I post things to many different forums all around the internet and because of this it might be difficult for folks to find info […]

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