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  Barton Dring the creator of Makerslide sent his Kickstarter supporters news that the first batch of Makerslides has been received and will be shipping soon. Dring posted an update which talked about his trip to the aluminum extruder plant to take delivery of the first batch of Makerslides. From reading the report it sounds […]

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Minibloq Beta Adds Support For Arduino Mega Boards – Program Arduino Without Writing Code

Last week we announced that Minibloq the open source Graphical Programming Environment for Programming Arduino Microcontrollers had added Three new boards to it’s list of supported hardware. This week Julián da Silva announced that Arduino Mega boards were now being added to the Minibloq lineup. Minibloq will add three new

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Miniblog Beta Supports Arduino and Maple 32 Microcontrollers

  Minibloq developers today released news that the Beta version of the software will support Maple 32 bit Microcontrollers in addition to Arduino. Minibloq is a Graphical user interface and programming environment for Arduino Microcontrollers. I have used the Alpha versions of the program and found it is easy to use intuitive. Minibloq v0.8 was […]

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Minibloq v0.8 Alpha’s New Features Kickstart your Arduino Without Programming.

Minibloq v0.8 Alpha  is an new open source Graphical Development Interface that will kickstart your Arduino Programming without making you write code. As I reported in June of this year Julian da Silva released the Alpha version of the open source Minibloq program to his backers on Kickstarter. I got my copy and within minutes […]

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Big Girl Character Out for a Stroll

Every once in a while you find a project that is just bizarre. I am not certain what the story is behind this mammoth puppet but I am certain it is interesting. What I can tell you is that this video is a behind the scenes documentation of a project done in Australia byJohn Cox’s […]

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