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DIY Lego 3D CNC milling machine

I admire people who tackle big projects with everyday items. Arthur Sacek built a DIY Lego 3D CNC milling machine completely from Lego. Sacek is a member of Brazil’s ZOOM Education for Life, a 13-year-old company that is developing innovative learning projects in cooperation with LEGO Education. Sacek made his Mini CNC milling machine using […]

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Makerslide Test pieces shown for the first time

  Kickstarter backers of the Makerslide project got their first glimpse of the sample batch of Makerslide extrusion. Makerslide extrusions are a low cost alternative for creating bearing surfaces for CNC machine building. Project founder Barton Dring posted pictures of two 4′ long sections of the material on his kickstarter project page. These are samples […]

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