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Detroit Makers Faire

I am making a pilgrimage to the Detroit Makers Faire. This will be my first event after reading about them for years. Hopefully this will live up to my expectations. I will post more when I have Internet access.

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Teen Scientist shows how to control Robots with an Ipad

RobotGrrl Erin Kennedy has pushed back another barrier to easy Robotics. This talented teen is using an iPad to control her Arduino powered Robot RoboBrrd‘s servos.  RobotGrrl created an iPad app which will allow her to feed her Feather covered robotic bird using the iPad tablet’s touch screen. Dragging virtual fruit to RoboBrrds beak on […]

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Teen Roboticist Controls Robot from Ipad

RobotGrrl a 19 year old Robot maker has found a new way to control her pet Robot, Robobrrd with her Ipad. RobotGrrl is using a Redpark Serial cable to connect her iPad to an Arduino microcontroller. The Redpark Serial cable for iOS, is a cable which allows the iPad to connect to RS232 serial devices. […]

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Meet RoboBrrd

This is a continuation of an interview did with RobotGrrl, a teen Robot maker. BILL:       – What caught my attention from your projects was the RoboBrrd.  Could you tell me a little bit about RoboBrrd. ROBOTGRRL:      Sure, so one night, Adafruit Industries contacted me after they read my blog, and they said, “Hey, can […]

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Meet Robotgrrl – Making Robots from Popsicle sticks and Arduino.

One of the nice things about blogging is that it encourages you to read other folks blogs to see what they are up to.  I recently stumbled across a really interesting blog by Robotgrrl, a 19 year old, young lady who is making Robots out of popsicle sticks, pencils, Arduino and basically anything she can […]

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