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It ain’t Rocket Science – New Show about Science and Technology

I just stumbled across a new video called It Ain’t Rocket Science, about science and technology. This is a well done production staring Adam Balkin, produced by Time Warner Cable. The project is conceived as part of the Connect a Million Minds program. The first episode talks about the FIRST Robotics Competition and has an […]

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Minibloq V0.7 Alpha Test Drive – How I programmed an Arduino without writing code.

I took my Arduino for a ride using the new open source Minibloq Graphical Development Interface. As I reported earlier Julian da Silva released the Alpha version of the Minibloq program to his backers on Kickstarter. I got my copy and within minutes I had programmed my Arduino Uno to perform a variety of tasks. […]

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Robots make Breakfast

I have been a big robot fan since I was a child. Robot B9 from Lost in Space was my favorite. We are getting closer to having useful robots everyday. Scientist in Germany have created a duo of robots which can prepare your breakfast.

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Minibloq Alpha released

I just downloaded the Alpha release of Minibloq Graphical user interface and programming environment. The program is easy to use and actually makes sense. I programmed the onboard LED of an Arduino Uno in under 3 minutes without instructions. Now that I know how to program the Arduino with Minibloq, I can do it in […]

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  The Makerslide project was successfully funded on Kickstarter. The funding should help ensure a new, supply of affordable linear slides. The project  was funded in just under 48 hours and then continued to gather support. The funding raised was 445%  of the expected goal.  Designer Barton Dring stated he will use the $26,268 to […]

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